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Association of Ontario Health Centres
Association des centres de sante de l’Ontario

Ontario's voice for community-governed primary health care.

Learning Sessions


Full list of learning sessions coming soon!

Conference themes

  • Health equity and anti-oppression - What comprehensive primary health care interventions advance human rights and break down systemic barriers to good health? 
  • Truth and reconciliation - How can we confront colonialism and racism, reduce health disparities for Indigenous peoples, and support self-determination and self-governance in the delivery of services?
  • Transforming our health system - How do we support population needs-based planning, work across sub regions and expand access to comprehensive primary health care for the 22% of people living in Ontario who need it most?
  • People and communities at the centre - What can we learn from the initiatives, tools and evidence that put involvement of individuals, families and communities at the centre of service planning, improvement and delivery?
  • Mental health and harm reduction - Who can we work with to tackle stigma, expand access and take the next steps on harm reduction, starting wherever we are now?
  • High performing interprofessional teams - What are the strategies and evidence to improve comprehensive primary health care and build clinical leadership, healthy and strong workplaces, and high quality, person-centred care?
  • Demonstrating value and impact - What research, evaluation and quality improvement initiatives are gathering, analyzing and mobilizing data to improve population health and evidence-informed decision making? 
  • Community-centred governance and equity - Why do we need inclusive leadership for health equity, and what are leading practices for high performing boards in health system transformation?