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Association of Ontario Health Centres
Association des centres de sante de l’Ontario

Ontario's voice for community-governed primary health care.

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Belonging Summit: Comprehensive Primary Health Care in Action

Belonging Summit: Comprehensive Primary Health Care in Action
Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel & Suites, Richmond Hill

Purpose: Build awareness, knowledge and action to strengthen health and wellbeing for people who face barriers such as poverty, social isolation and exclusion. Explore population wellbeing data and how programming and services are meeting wellbeing needs. Learn about opportunities to work in comprehensive ways to strengthen impacts on belonging and wellbeing using equity-informed approaches.

Audience: This workshop is for member organizations that are interested in learning more about health and wellbeing with a focus on belonging.

Background: Community Vitality and Sense of Belonging are underlying principles of our Model of Health and Wellbeing and Aboriginal Model of Wholistic Health and Wellbeing. In fact, belonging is a common goal underpinning much of the work performed by community-centred primary health care centres. Belonging has been called the missing link to explain the effectiveness of community health and wellbeing programs and services. And for good reason.

This work is critical and ultimately helps to build community, improve connectedness and reduce social isolation, all of which are associated with better health. Recent studies suggest that social interactions play an important role in health and that a lack of social connection can increase the risk of death by at least 50% and in some circumstances, by more than 90% (Holt-Lunstad, et al., 2010; Yang et al., 2016).

The evidence linking increased sense of belonging with positive health outcomes presents renewed opportunities to demonstrate the effectiveness of comprehensive primary health care in preventing illness, and ultimately in reducing health care spending. Share knowledge, experiences and promising practices about how cultivating a sense of belonging improves health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals, families and communities.



NOTE: Registration for this event is conditional and subject to approval by organizers. A confirmation of your registration will be sent by May 11. Priority will be given to centres who participated in the CIW Trillium project, though all members are welcome. Participation is limited to 3 participants per member centre.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 08:00
9005 Leslie Street
L4B 1B2 Richmond Hill, Ontario