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Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

The IMS team at the Association of Ontario Health Centres (AOHC) is currently implementing one of Canada's largest electronic medical records (EMR) projects - Nightingale-on-Demand (NOD).

This deployment helps position member centres as leaders in the use of electronic information for person care, planning and service delivery. At the same time, the EMR project helps bring the sector in alignment with the provincial eHealth strategy.

At project completion, all 82 of Ontario’s Community Health Centres (CHCs), Aboriginal Health Access Centres (AHACs) and Nurse Practitioner-led Clinics (NPLCs) will transition to NOD, a provincially certified and centrally hosted EMR system. 

As of October 2014, all 84 planned NOD deployments are complete with Nightingale N10 deployments pending at 6 French centres. Here are some figures:

  • Total number of people migrated: 1,271,042
  • Number of records migrated: 61,823,212
  • Number of EMR users: 4,100

What this means for our member Centres and the people they care for:

“A provincial EMR licence that covers our members at a fair price is a significant achievement for the sector. It ensures our members are aligned with the provincial direction for electronic medical records, and are well positioned to benefit from current and future eHealth solutions.” - Adrianna Tetley, Executive Director, AOHC