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Association of Ontario Health Centres
Association des centres de sante de l’Ontario

Ontario's voice for community-governed primary health care.

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Adult Education

Our team aligns its knowledge and learning initiatives within an adult education framework. Adult education principles acknowledge that learners learn best when learning is:

Respectful: Individual skills, knowledge, values and experiences are respected and included as part of the learning process;

Innovative: Different learning modalities and methods such as experiential learning are taken into account in design and delivery;

Useful: Participants see the connection and relevance of the learning experience and content to their work.


Learning initiatives align with the AOHC's anti-oppression framework. Educators, facilitators, coordinators and administrative support ensure that the delivery of Learning and the preparation of materials are done in an accessible, equitable, culturally competent and anti-oppressive manner.

Community Engagement

The AOHC maintains a community engagement approach to knowledge and learning. Through regular consultations, surveys and evaluation, we identify priority knowledge-sharing and learning needs. Member driven learning and knowledge sharing communities of practice are encouraged and supported within available resources.

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