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Association of Ontario Health Centres
Association des centres de sante de l’Ontario

Ontario's voice for community-governed primary health care.

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  • Federal Election: Call to action

    AOHC echoes the Canadian Association of Community Health Centres call to action on four key issues to improve health and wellbeing. We call on all federal parties to commit to: reduce poverty, reduce homelessness and increase access to affordable housing, establish universal prescription drug coverage, increase investment in Community Health Centres.

  • AOHC challenges all federal parties to commit to universal prescription drug coverage

    Toronto - The Association of Ontario Health Centres is calling on all federal parties to commit to universal prescription drug coverage. The call, directed at the federal Liberal and Conservative parties, comes following commitments from the NDP and the Greens that, if elected, they will move forward with publicly funded programs to ensure Canadians can access the medicine they need.

  • To create more caring connected communities that support newcomer health, in 2013 South Riverdale Community Health Centres launched a three-year program called the Sustaining Health Advantage Initiative (SHAI).


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